2017 Trends for Your Home

1. Mixing and matching. When it comes to decorating your home, some think you must choose certain style and stick strictly to that theme. In 2017, however, there has been an increase of mixing and matching, especially with antiques from different time periods. This turns a room into an eclectic space that both appreciates past and present, and yet fits together rather well.
2. Saying goodbye to oversized furniture. Larger pieces of furniture can be a pain, as they can take up space in rooms where comfort and space are desperately needed. In 2017, there has been a rise in popularity with smaller statement pieces, as well as furniture that is custom made to fit within a room without overcrowding it.
3. Embracing brass and gold accents. Other metals can have an industrial look to them and aren’t as inviting as brass and gold. These metals add sophistication and warmth to a room.
4. Matte appliances. These are chic and add flare to your kitchen without overpowering other décor. Matte finishes are simple, sleek, and stylish without being over the top. You want a room to complement in its entirety, rather than be overlooked as a whole due to one distracting piece in the room.
5. Marble. Whether paired with wood, metal, or flooring, marble is a beautiful way to add pattern and unique style to a room.
6. Cerused wood. Cerused finish reveals the grains of wood, bringing out the natural beauty in each piece. This adds a rustic feel to a room that is appealing to the eyes.
7. Color, color, color! Long gone are the days of white and beige, color is completely in – no matter if it’s on the walls, the carpeting, the throw pillows, etc. Color livens up a room!
8. Nailhead accents. While this adds a unique spin on furniture, there’s an increase in nailhead style appearing on chests, lighting base fixtures, and credenzas.
9. Subway tiling. This type is versatile with pretty much any style, blending in well with whichever you choose. One of the best parts about subway tiling? It’s affordable!
10. Smart furniture. This should come as no surprise, given the always rising state of technology. Whether it is furniture with built-in speakers or USB chargers, more and more home décor is being created to suit the needs of those who cannot live without their smart phones and other devices.

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