It’s easy to spot a bad neighbor, yes, but where do you stand on your block of the neighborhood? Here are some ways to tell if you’re doing your part as a good neighbor.

They trust you with personal belongings. If they trust you to keep an eye on things while they’re gone, especially if they give you a set of keys to their home, then chances are it’s because they trust you and they know your character is one they can depend upon.
You aren’t a noise nuisance. Whether you have a backyard BBQ or family is visiting, you are respectful of your neighbors and have never been told to control the volume by them or your local police department.
You’re kind to them, even if they’re the noise nuisance. You don’t ruin their party, but you aren’t afraid of letting them know they’re a bit loud. You remain calm and friendly in this approach, however, so matters are resolved quickly.
You don’t have a messy yard. Believe it or not, a messy yard can be an eyesore and a problem for your fellow neighbors. However, you keep your lawn nice and neat. So much so that neighbors may ask for advice on lawn care or often compliment how nice your yard looks.
They support your children’s fundraising efforts. Whether they have a lemonade stand, are selling cookies, etc., your neighbors are quick to support your children because you’ve been such a great neighbor and friend to them.
You keep all pets indoors while you’re away. This way, your neighbors won’t be disturbed by barking or other loud sounds, and their yards won’t become messy from wandering pets.
You assist in watching their home while they’re away. Whether you maintain their lawn care while they’re gone or collect their mail/newspapers, they know they can count on you to keep things looking as they should while they’re gone.
You don’t park in their area. While there’s certainly not a designated area with your name on it, you keep your vehicles out of the way of your neighbors. You don’t block their driveway or prevent them from parking in front of their home.
You’re respectful of borders. If there’s a fence between your yard and your neighbor’s and you wish to remove it or rebuild it, you ask their opinion on the matter first since part of it will be in their yard also.